Support The Free School Theater Program


The Free School Theater Program, founded in 2013, provides a fun, flexible, creative, socially conscious, respectful and inclusive space for students who are interested in acting and/or being a part of the creative process of putting on a play.

Theater is an essential component of elementary education. According to the American Alliance for Theater and Education, (and our own experience) Theater Education improves self-esteem, reading comprehension, academic performance in other subjects, SAT scores, and school attendance.

Through the process of putting together our plays over the last two years, our students learned to commit to long-term projects, work together, find their voice, connect with their bodies, and express emotions. 

Through sponsoring our program you will be supporting:

1.       Subsidized ticket sales for our donation based ticket sale system.
2.       Materials for set design and props
3.       Meals and snacks for rehearsals
4.       Materials for costumes
5.       Van use for transporting our amazing cast to and from rehearsals
6.       Promotional materials
7.       Stipends for our creative team
8.       Devolpment of future extra curricular theater projects. 

More on why your support is vital:

Our school is a not-for-profit private institution that turns no students away based on the family's inability to pay. We are dedicated to inclusiveness and accessibility to students of all socioeconomic, learning and social needs. We don’t receive any federal funding for our school because we do not to participate in the standardized testing Common Core structure. Because of our unique structure, we have the flexibility to cast non-neurotypical students in our productions that would not be given the opportunity be cast at other schools. These students gain social and academic skills and self-confidence from participating in our productions.

What our students have to say about acting in the play:

“I learned to act in front of people and I learned how to work together. It was fun being together with everyone and trying to memorize lines. I hope we have another play next year.”  -Kimberly, 6th Grade

“I learned that I am a better actress than I thought I was and possibly becoming an actress when I get older” -Mona, 8th Grade

“I learned how to work together with other people and that a play is a lot more work than you think but it pays off” -Sophia, 6th Grade

“What I learned from the play is things don’t always go your way. But they do when you stick with something.” -Dorje, 4th Grade

If you want a peek into what we’ve accomplished, you can view last year’s production of “Fantastic Mr. Fox” here. (Password: fox).

Our kids are already hard at work creating our third annual production.  Come see them perform Charlotte's Web at The Albany Barn, May 6 & 7, 2016 @7pm! 

Please consider supporting with a donation of $50, $100, $200, or whatever you can give. No amount of support is too small. Teamwork makes the dream work!