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Parent Night Out

Hey Families!!!!! Let Jr. High students at The Free School give you a break and support a fabulous date or non date night!!! Grab dinner with your love or buddy, take a nap, catch a movie, deep clean the fridge, stare into space peacefully, work on your dissertation or really anything you would like and will bring you joy!

We will make sure your child(ren) are well cared for while you have some time to yourself!

Their will be:

Surpervised play


Story time


& snacks,

$20 for the four hours plus $10 for each sibling. This works out to $5 an hour for the first child and $2.50 per hour for each additional child. That is a pretty sweet deal.

Jr. High students have been spending some of their time this year taking care of little ones throughout the school day and they have been working our after school program making sure some of our youngest students are cared for after our regular school day. They are experts at story reading, guided play, little one conflict resolution, safety and clean up!!!!! RSVP at so we can make sure to have enough snacks!!! Please contact us with any questions.